Water Wave Bob


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This is a lace front wig!

Length is about 8 1/2 inches 
Curls stay hydrated for up to 72 hours
Wig can be put into 3 different styles

Density 180%

100% Human Hair 

Cap Fits All head sizes 

Disclaimer: We sell 100% human hair. Being that each donor has a different hair texture these curl patterns may vary depending on the donor. Sometimes curls may seem tighter than usual.


Q 1: What are the difference between lace front wigs and full lace wigs?

A: Lace front wigs are half made by hand tied and half made by machine,Full lace wigs are 100% made by 

hand tied.Lace front wigs are more competitive in price,full lace wigs are more realistic and easier to make 

a ponytail.

Q 2:Can I Make Restyle or Dye the Hair?

A:Yes.But we'd like to recommend you that too often restyle or dye the hair will dry it out. So please

make sure which kind of style or color do you like before you actually take action on it.

Maintenance Manual:

1.Wash and deep condition hair regularly,one/two weeks a time is OK.

2. Detangle the hair gently by hands before washing to prevent shedding.

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